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When Do Homeowners Need A Restoration Company

11/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration technicians on a mold remediation job with equipment SERVPRO offers various services and has the experience to get the job done right with top-of-the-line equipment.

Regardless of how clean you keep your home and how much work you do to make your property its absolute best, there are some jobs where professionals need to get called in to perform. Not to discount the result of a handyman, but when there is specific damage to a home, homeowners need to call a restoration company. Please continue reading to discover what restoration companies do and some instances when homeowners need to call them in.

What Is A Restoration Company

As the name implies, these company's restore homes and buildings and some furnishings to the pre-damage state. Their emergency team will likely be the first to respond when disaster strikes, and there has been damage. They have specialized equipment, and in addition to cleaning up the mess, their job is also to prevent further damage to your property.

Before going into reasons a homeowner would need to hire a company to restore the insides of their home, homeowners want to ask a list of questions before signing a service contract. Be sure you are satisfied with their answers before hiring them.

  • Do your technicians have certifications?
    Are your technicians available at all times 24/7?
  • Is your company insured?
  • Will you work with our insurance company?
  • Is your company licensed and bonded?
  • How much restoration experience do you have?
  • Do you guarantee your work and that there won't be further damage?

When Do Homeowners Need A Restoration Company

Fire Damage
It doesn't take long for a fire to spread and damage the insides of your home. There is damage from the fire and smoke, but there is likely water damage from putting the flames out. Hiring a restoration company for the fire damage to your home has several benefits. In addition to the soot and smoke odor removal, a company will sanitize, clean the property, deodorize, and restore whatever items they can.

Water Damage
Water is so serene yet can be so destructive when it comes to your property. Regardless of whether water was accidentally left on inside your home, a leak from the roof, a pipe burst, or there is natural disaster flooding from a storm, the damage from water can be severe if not treated rapidly. When left to intrude into crevices of a home, water can cause damage such as:

  • Mold and bacteria grow in the home.
  • Rusting of steel in the home.
  • Swelling of composite woods in the home.
  • De-laminating materials like plywood in the home.
  • Destroy the electrical system in the home.

Many of the issues from water damage can cause health or safety hazards for the home occupants if not treated immediately. Therefore, calling in a restoration company for water damage is essential.

The company you hired for water damage will assess the outside of your property, checking for structural damage and if the house slops. They will look at the exterior door frames and windows, checking for any separation.

They will then move to the inside of your home, looking for watermarks, stains, and soft sagging within the walls. The company you hire will also look for warped tile, discoloration around the pipes, and of course, they will be sniffing for mold.

Mold Remediation
Small amounts of mold are found almost everywhere. Mold can cause health effects.

Mold can enter the home through the air, the ventilation system, open windows, and doorways. It comes as a spore but only needs oxygen, warmth, moisture, and darkness to grow.

Homeowners who hire professionals for mold remediation can expect them to test for mold, remove, demolition, sanitizing, containment, and eliminate the mold.

Sewage backup
Sewage backups are awful and create a mess as foul as it sounds. They happen when there is an obstruction of some damage that prevents the wastewater produced in your home from draining away from your house. The backup can create destruction to your property that needs a professional to respond to. In addition to fixing the sewage line, you'll have to have your home examined by a home service to determine the extent of the services you need.

Other Services
In addition to calling a professional restoration service into your home for the damages listed above, they also restore damage caused by wind and storm damage, vandalism cleaning, biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleaning, and more.


As you have read above, there are times when homeowners may need to call in the help of professionals when there is damage to their home. They will assess your home on the inside and out and determine what actions to take to restore your property in addition to some of your furnishings.

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