What our Customers say...


My car windows were left open and rain got into my interior. A few weeks later I had mold. Dee worked with my insurance and explained to me that I needed to have the affected interior completely removed and treated to stop the mold from coming back. She also let me know that I would have to get new interior parts put in at a shop. Insurance footed the bill but I am extremely grateful that I was aware of everything that was happening beforehand. It really made everything go a lot smoother.

There was a small fire in my pediatric office and we had yellow residue left from the fire extinguisher that was used to put it out. I was unsure if SERVPRO did this kind of cleaning but they were more than helpful when I called to ask. They explained the whole process to me and got everything cleaned up so we could use the room again!

I had some roofers working on my home that forgot to install a tarp before finishing the work. Needless to say, before calling SERVPRO I was already in a seriously bad mood because of water intrusion that could have been easily avoided. Luckily, even though my call was pretty late in the night, they were completely understanding and sent a technician to my home that arrived quicker than I expected and took out all the water. The tech, Diego, even explained the importance of setting up equipment and getting everything completely dried to prevent mold. I still have a headache from how stressful this whole situation was in the first place but have to thank SERVPRO of Winter Park and Diego for making this part of it easy for me.

We had a broken supply line to our toilet tank that caused a flood in our office. SERVPRO arrived and got all the water out quickly. They set drying equipment, explained the process in a way that was easy to understand, and made it so that we were able to use our office space without losing even more time. We are extremely grateful to your team and will call again if anything similar were to happen in the future!

I came home one day to find my basement flooded. I called SERVPRO and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work that was done by them and by the professionalism of SERVPRO's staff. Thank you so much SERVPRO.

When I bought flood insurance, I never thought that I would use it. I bought my house outside of a floodplain just so I would never have to use it. However, after the flood happened I am so thankful that I got it. But I was even more thankful that your company was there to make all my flood damage repairs seem easy. Thank you for being a great company that people can trust to do the job right the first time. Thank you SERVPRO.

Amazingly friendly people, knowledgeable, and they were happy to be there for me for whatever I needed.

Very honest, knowledgeable and professional. Plus they're owned by a wonderful and fun family that ACTUALLY CARE!

I was very impressed with the service I received. They were they quick and kept our office from being seriously damaged. Everyone from the copy made us all feel like they cared about us and our problem.

Our office flooded when a pipe burst behind the wall. When we called they asked several questions in order to ensure they were bringing the right amount of equipment. They arrived quickly and immediately got to work removing water and saving our carpet. They remained very up-front about costs of each service before they did anything. They always kept us informed as to what they were doing and why. They did what was needed to avoid mold formation and odor as well as make sure the carpet was totally dry before they were finished. Awesome service all!

I’m not sure how there was so much fire damage, but thankfully your guys were there to make it all seem small. Even when they had to practically gut the walls and rip up the floors, it seemed there was no job too big for your team. Really glad you were there when I needed your help. Thank you, SERVPRO.

Fantastic handling of a mold issue in my garage due to a hot water heater pipe leak hidden inside of the wall. Prompt, courteous, thorough and professional. Vern, Susan, and their team are my go-to team when I have water/mold remediation issues.

Thanks for fixing the water damage under the windows in my front room. I didn't know they were unsealing themselves like they were. And thanks for getting them resealed, too, so this isn't a problem again.

I called you from my brand new hotel at 430 am with a water removal job. The owner actually answered the phone and sound like she had been up prior to my call. She wasn't but answered in a way that made me feel she was awake and alert. My information was taken and she said the crew was being dispatched as we spoke and they would arrive on scene within the hour. The crew arrived as she stated and to work they went. Five days later the job was totally finished with all machines picked up and no residual water left behind. Each day a small crew came in to evaluate the need to add or remove dryers and fans. Very professional and knowledgeable. A follow up from the sales dept. was very helpful as well. I will definitely use Winter Park SERVPRO again. Thank you, team, for a job well done.

I will never forget how traumatized I was when I experienced mold in my home. It made me and my family so sick. I called SERVPRO to come out and remedy the problem. They let me speak to a technician who would explain the process to me and who would make an appointment to come out the very same day. Jason of SERVPRO was great communicating with me to make sure all my needs were met. SERVPRO really lives up to their name and their promises. Thanks again.

We were referred by a friend when we discovered mold in the home. We did not panic, because we were told SERVPRO would take care of everything and in some cases, we also were told that they would help with the insurance claim. They made our lives so simple and we are glad we did make that call.

My family's home was showing signs of water damage in the ceiling and the walls. We weren't sure what to do so we called SERVPRO. Their office manager, Dee, answered the phone and explained the whole process of what we could expect. They sent Donny over to assess the damage and he gave us references for several mold assessors (something we learned from this experience is that in FL, legally the mold assessor cannot be the mold remediator). We worked with the mold assessor to determine if there was a problem and then when we got the lab results back, we had SERVPRO come out and remove the mold in the affected bedrooms. This whole process was expensive and it did take several weeks. But SERVPRO worked with our insurance through everything, which was a huge relief to us and they coordinated building all the rooms back. We appreciated that they were upfront with us about how long, expensive, and arduous the process would be. We felt like they had our best interest at heart, and they spent a significant amount of time answering our questions and educating us on mold.

I very seldom write a review, but after having my bathroom flood and having to call a company to come out and fix it, I felt I just had to say something about SERVPRO and also to say thank you for coming out at such short notice and for leaving my home in tip-top shape. A lot of companies would have charged extra for coming out on a weekend and they might not have cleaned up after doing the work. You guys were a life saver.

Thank you for helping us get the storm damage from Hurricane Irma cleaned up!

Vern, Susan and their team consistently perform above and beyond expectations. My hot water heater on a platform in the garage had been leaking into the wall without my knowledge and it caused a huge mold issue - they were quick, thorough and professional in the mold remediation process. Their team also managed the reconstruction of a new hot water heater closet after said remediation was finished - right down to matching the custom wood trim on the doors. Fantastic.

My husband and I were surprised and pleased with how great of a job SERVPRO did. Thank you for making our humble home look good as new! Great quality work and reasonable pricing. We're going to recommend SERVPRO to a friend of ours who also has water damage in her home.

I could not believe one leaking pipe under my bathroom sink would cause that much water damage. However, when the technician brought out his little moisture detector I could not believe my own eyes. Thankfully these experts got it all fixed in a very short time. Anyone looking for a reputable company to handle their water damage repair services should look no further.

This company picked up on the third ring and was the most polite of any of the companies I called that day. It was already a horrible day with all the water damage in my bedroom, who could have guessed that my air conditioner would somehow spring a leak and cause damage to my wall, carpet, and padding. Thanks for being true professionals. I needed that!

I would just like to stop and say thank you for being a stand-up company that keeps its promises to its customers. It was hard to trust anyone after my house fire, but your guys made it possible to keep building memories in my dream home. So again, Thanks! Your company is really one to be admired and emulated.

It was important to us to hire a company that could be trusted; we would only be able to afford one shot at making the repairs necessary to the flood damage in our home. Thankfully when we chose this company we chose right. They got the repairs done right the first time and did not cost us a fortune to get it done. This was vital since we did not include flood insurance in our homeowner’s policy.

Thanks to a small space heater, I had some extensive fire damage in my bedroom. Truth is I am lucky all I had fire damage and no one hurt. Then I called your company to come in and get my house back in order. They came out in a hurry and got the repairs started almost immediately. The costs were within the estimates and stayed in line with what my home-owners insurance coverage. I hope I never need to use their services again. But I am thankful to know they will be there if I do need them again.

When I called for a repair service to correct the water damage under my sink, I expected someone who was dressed unprofessional to clean up the mess. Thankfully SERVPRO came to my rescue, dressed clean, professional and got my kitchen back in order.

It was so nice to find a company that will keep its promises and get the work done right the first time without hidden costs or mistakes that cost the customer. Thanks for doing such great job on cleaning up my water damage.

It is my pleasure to recommend this company. I had a really great experience working with them after my dream home suffered some water damage and I needed their repair services. They came out and got the repairs done very quickly and kept the costs under the negotiated prices. You never know what you will get with some repair companies. But in this one you can be assured to have a truly professional organization.

This company was able to make the repairs to some very bad fire damage that I had in my house. They were there to answer my questions, whenever I had them and made sure each step of the repair met my expectations.

Hopefully you will never need a water damage repair company, but if you are reading this review then you are probably looking for one. Well I don’t think you need to look any further. These guys are the professionals you want. They were for me, and mine was almost a total demolition job! Give them a chance and you won’t regret it.

This team was great to work with. When our water heater busted in the middle of the night, we did not know what we were going to do. Water was everywhere. Thank you for coming out so quickly and getting to work getting the water out. Your team made a very difficult situation into one that was manageable.

Thank you for a job well done. Every technician I encountered during the water damage repair process was courteous, prompt, and professional. I am so glad that I hired you guys.