Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Testing for Moisture After Storm Damage

When performing services for customers experiencing storm damage, our goal is to remove all moisture from the affected areas to prevent further damage. Before setting equipment, we perform tests to reveal areas with hidden moisture. We perform the test again afterward to make sure all of these areas are effectively dried out.

Orlando Storm Damage Drywall Removal

This Orlando home sustained water damage from the combination of a heavy storm and an old roof that partially collapsed during it. Many areas of moist sheetrock had to be removed in order to properly dry out the affected structures throughout the home.

Severe Storm Damage in Winter Park

The owners of this home were away fro a couple of days when the water damage occurred to their home during a severe storm. The majority of the ceiling came crashing down after holding more water than it could support.

Flooded Office in Maitland, FL

This office in Maitland was flooded after a storm. Four of our technicians arrived and began extracting water. The photo above shows one of our technicians extracting water from a soaked office carpet using an extraction wand that is connected to a hose that returns the water to our SERVPRO Truck.

Ceiling Damage after Storm in Winter Park

This office is one of many properties that were damaged by a recent storm. The image above clearly displays what happens to ceiling panels when the insulation above them is soaked and they can no longer support the heavy weight of them. In these cases, the insulation and broken panels must be discarded prior to drying and then replaced.

Residential Roof Leak in Maitland, FL

Although the roof of this Maitland home did not have any obvious damage, the homeowner gave us a call asking about the growing water stains on his living room ceiling after a storm. Our tests determined there was moisture above his ceiling and a leak detection company found compromises in his roof shingles.